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We love this happy photo of Veronica and her host children during her time as an au pair in London this year. Veronica has now finished and studying at university in Germany . She took the time to write a small blog for us about her time in London as an au pair.

I chose the AuPair programme for several reasons: first, I didn’t want to study straight away, because I needed some time to consider what to study at all. Then being an AuPair is a chance to travel a lot , but still with a home base which is not your own, but still feels like home, because you’re living in a family. After all I love being with children and it’s so nice to walk them to school every morning, line up with the smaller children and wave them, while they go inside. But the programme comes along with much more benefits: you don’t have to own a lot of money to do this and you are really improving your English ( when you come to the UK etc., of course). I’m participating for a whole of 12 months in this programme. The reason why I chose an agency over a website like AuPairworld is that I wanted to have a person who I can talk to if I’m not happy or just need an advice or anything else. And I am so happy that I chose this agency with Cynthia(here in the UK) and Nadine (back in Germany) as speaking partners, because they are both so nice and caring and you just have the very calming feeling of being looked after. Rainbow AuPairs has outreached my expectations. Cynthia is so considerate that really everybody feels good and being looked after. She organises AuPair meetings which are really great fun.
But on the downside I think the hardest thing is that you are away from your family and friends and the surrounding you knew for your whole life. Even though the host family has integrated me so well (they always ask me if I want to do something with them on the weekends, although I could understand if they just want to be together as a family. But this really makes me feel I’m a part of this family.), it is hard sometimes to be away from home and family. But I‘m really glad that my English has improved so much compared to what I learned at school, because I get to speak it a lot. So if you like children and want to improve your English at the same time, I’d highly recommend this programme. In addition it is at the same time a year off, because you get a lot of free time as well. Another benefit is, of course, that you’re getting paid, haha.

Despite the delay we made it to Bath and has a lovely wander. Thanks to everyone who came out. #rainbowaupairs #british_aupair_association

It’s a moody day for Stonehenge but who cares? #rainbowaupairs #multikultur #easyabroad

Fab coffee, gingerbread and cream latte and hot chocolate all round. #rainbowaupairs #multikultur

Just love London’s hidden corners . Truly magical. Business meeting on behalf of BAPAA campaigning to make sure the government does not forget about au pairs post Brexit. #rainbowaupairs

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