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One year ago, I applied for a year as an au pair – it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Deciding to go with an agency was one as well because I got a lot of help and support and I can always ask someone if I have a question. Besides, they interview you and the families and try to find your perfect match and in my case, they did.

I have been in England for eight months and I am going to stay for three or four more. That scares me a lot because I cannot imagine a life without my hostfamily. I never thought that I would have problems to say goodbye after one year but now, I am a part of the family and love my hostkids and just thinking about it makes me sad. Nevertheless, I would recommend an au pair experience to everyone who would like to go abroad. I learned a lot about life and responsibilities, became independent and improve my English every day. Moreover, I meet many different people from all over the world and have a lot of time to discover the UK.

Being an au pair is not an easy job but it is worth it because it is a lot of fun as well and in the end, you will have many memories that bring you a smile on your face every time you think about them.

Kre’s blog for Rainbow Au Pairs

Why did you choose the au pair programme?

Because I wanted to go to another country after graduating and I love being around children, so why not combine those two things?!

How long are you participating in the programme? For seven months.

Why did you choose an agency over applying over the internet ( like Au Pair World)? Because it makes you feel more secure and makes the whole thing much more personal!

How have you found the support offered by Rainbow Au Pairs and its partner in Germany?

Great! I always felt like I had someone to turn to if I ever had a problem. Also, both Cynthia and Isabelle were very kind and answered every question I had.

How has the programme fulfil your objectives and expectations?

I expected my host family to be nice, but I didn’t imagine them being as perfect as they are! Also, I expected to get to know new people and I already did so- even though it is quite difficult to get to know people that are not au pairs (which I wouldn’t have thought). I’ve got enough free time and I feel comfortable over here!

What has been the most eye opening thing so far in UK?

It can be great for your personality and independence to spend some time away from home- doing everything on your own, taking care of children, being in a new city with unknown people etc.

Even though I’ve only been here for two months now, I already notice how it makes you grow and stronger.

What has been the most fun?

Difficult to answer, there are a lot of things that are much fun- visiting places on weekends, going to musicals/theaters, having fun with the children, experiencing the daily London life, doing sports, etc.

What’s been the hardest thing for you?

Not seeing my family. It hasn’t been super hard but still one of the biggest challenges, because even though you are having a great time hence you aren’t sad about it, you still notice that your family is missing if you don’t have them around every day. But you get used to it.

How have the host fam integrated you?

I feel like being a part of the family, because everyone is treating me nicely, they ask me very often if I want to join them in their activities on weekends, we always have dinner together on weekends (if I’m around), I got to meet the children’s grandparents, etc.

Do you get to speak a lot of English? Yes, but that’s in your hand. If you only get to know au pairs coming from the same country as you and you talk to your friends and family on the phone everyday, you obviously won’t speak as much English. But if you approach English people as well and talk to your family a lot, that makes a huge difference.

In short would you recommend the programme and Rainbow Au Pairs to others?

I would definitely recommend the programme and especially Rainbow Au Pairs to others!! I am grateful for this opportunity and very happy to have received such a great support from the agency!

Bella having the works 😀

TEAJERKER ALERT.. We got quite emotional reading Laura’ blog….

I am the Au Pair of the Shivalkars officially since the 28th August 2017 until the 28th July 2018. I am taking care of the nine year old Ria. My duties include waking her up in the morning, preparing her breakfast and then taking her to school which is 10 to 15 minutes away by feet. After picking up from school, I help her with her homework and prepare her dinner. On the weekends I am free and when she has school holidays and Navpreet (Mother) is home I am free too.

I do not have to do any house cleaning or washing. I am obligated to keep my own room clean and wash my own clothes. In the evening I am free to decide if I like to eat with Navpreet and Sanjeev (Father) or eat earlier/later. I am allowed to stay with them as long as I wish to, for instance, watch television. I am free to help myself to any food and I am invited to read every book in the house. My phone bill is paid by them and I get additionally 80 pounds weekly. My room has a generous size with a comfortable bed underneath a second matrass for guests lies, a cupboard for my clothes, a desk, and a television. Attached to my room is my bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink.

When closed the door, my privacy never gets hurt. The house being pretty good protected, I feel very much safe. The location of the house is optimal to reach central London within half an hour but still living in a family friendly environment. Ria’s school is easy to reach and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes foot walk.

Owing to Ria’s age I feel rather as a sister than an Au Pair which leads to an enjoyable relationship between us. We play, we laugh, sometimes we argue but at the end of the day we wish each other a good night sleep.

Navpreet and Sanjeev are busy people but I always feel needed and not like an accessory to show off. However, they never ask for anything which is not written in my work description. In contrary, I sometimes feel I should do more but then again being reassured not to do so by them. Navpreet always cooks mouth-wateringly delicious food, which, even though spicy, is perfectly fine for me as she adds whole chillies which do not do any harm to me. Such a humorous guy is Sanjeev, we would always laugh at least once at the dinner table.

Everything feels incredibly homelike which the reason is hitherto I never felt homesick (maybe the 2 cats help too!). I feel tremendously welcome even by their other family members. Never was I feeling neither out of place nor wrongly treated. In addition, their generous support does not leave me cold and hopefully will be repaid by passing my CAE Exam.

I could probably write 1000 words about praising them but time flies and waits for no man. To summarize, without any doubts can I recommend the Shivalkars for another Au Pair which hopefully will appreciate them as much as I do, because I heard from a lot of Au Pairs their horror stories and me on the other side, I am having my time of my life. Thank you Cynthia for such a lovely family!

Yours sincerely,

Laura Väth

Carmen’s blog for Rainbow Au Pairs

    Green fields, sheep, woodland and cottages,… At the moment I am travelling with the train from Southsea to London. The possibility to explore England was one of the main reasons why I wanted to be an au pair. Additionally, I think speaking English fluently is very important nowadays and to be honest I have improved a lot since I am living in the UK. My host family includes me in their conversations at dinnertime, the four years old girl I am looking after bubbles about horses and when meeting my “not German friends” at some days I don´t speek a single word in my mother tongue.
    I am here for almost five months now but it´s difficult to say what has been the most fun. By taking trips every weekend and meeting so many new people it is hard to point out just one single thing. As my hostfamily sees me as a member of their family we once have taken a trip to Windsor Castle which defenitely has been one of my favourite days.
    The reason why I chose an agency instead of using au pair world is that this is the first time I am living abroad and it is the first time that I am separated from my family for more than a week. To know that there is someone with experiences who takes care that you don´t forget anything helped me a lot. To be honest it did not make it easier or less stressful to find a family but it made me feel safe. If you asked me whether or not I would go with an agengy again I would definitely say yes. The people of Easy Abroad and Rainbow Aupairs are very nice and have supported me individually during the application process.
I whish you a great time abroad!
Kind regards

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