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Day organising 65 au pairs to Harry Potter, back@home to cook Sunday lunch and quality time with the dog
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Polite reminder to all #aupairagencies other #childcare agencies, #hostfamilies and au pair self matching websites in the UK . The category formerly known as #AuPairPlus whereby au pairs were previously working up to 35 hours per week was abolished the the UK over 1 year ago. #aupairs are only to work up to a Maximum of 30 hours in the #UK in order to qualify for #culturalexchange and normal tax free status. BAPAA, the approved by UK government Trade Association, sets the Au Pair industry standards in GB. Be safe, correct and stay happy, choose your #aupair or #hostfamily through an official BAPAA member agency; the UK Au Pair experts.

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Hi, my name is Sophie and I am 19 years old. The Au-Pair program was one of the best things that happened in my life. And it still is, because I’m really enjoying my time here in London. I would like to become a teacher later, so working as an Au-Pair is a great opportunity to check if the job as a teacher will fit me. Furthermore I wanted to spend some time abroad, meet new people and improve my English skills. I am lucky to have a friend of mine, Annika , with me. That makes everything a lot easier and funnier too. But don’t worry; it is easy to meet new people here. I really like the Au-Pair meetings and trips that Cynthia organizes (Harry Potter Studios, coffee mornings, …). She also makes sure that we keep in touch with other Au-Pairs and have the most amazing time over here. That’s also one reason why I decided to go abroad with an agency. I am more than happy with both of my agencies (easy abroad, Rainbow Au-Pairs), because they answer all my questions, found the perfect family for me and send regular e-mails to check how I’m settling in. Furthermore my family at home is more relaxed, because they know I’m in good hands. I’m so happy with my hostfamily and my hostkids. I really feel like a part of the family and they helped me settle in very quickly. I can ask them everything and they will help me. After 4 months now, it feels like a second home. Since I’m here I found a lot of new friends, explore London nearly every weekend and enjoy every single day here. Everyone gets homesick sometimes, but my friends and family help me with that. I know it is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

All in all I am feeling very happy to be back in London after Christmas and New Years Eve. I also attend a language school now, which started today. I’m having the best time over here. Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to be here which such a nice hostfamily!!

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The cheesiest card ever! Thank you to everyone and happy Christmas!!!!
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