Types of Au Pair

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Categories of Au Pair: Au Pairs, Au Pairs Plus and Mother’s Help

Au Pairs versus Au Pairs Plus

There are two types of Au Pair in the UK, which will dictate the hours an Au Pair can work, their competencies and how much they are paid.

• Au Pair (placements up to 25 hours a week)
• Au Pair Plus (placements up to 35 hours a week)

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An au pair plus is similar to an au pair but the only difference is an au pair plus can do up to 35 hours a week. An au pair plus has the same duties as an au pair, ie. 2 baby sitting evenings, light housework and chores, childcare but can do 7 hours a day. Expect to pay a minimum of £90 a week for 30 hours for an au pair plus. For 35 hours, the minimum pocket money should be £100. Most host families pay more than this.

Mother’s Help Summary

Sometimes we get asked about mother’s helps from families. Most people know what a nanny is but a mother’s help is an extra pair of hands and helps the parent to look after children and light housework. They live in with the family and are regarded as an employee. Most mother’s helps are older and can work more than 35 hours a week. Most will be expected to work between 40-50 hours and they can take sole charge of infants under 2 without any parent supervision.

Obviously, you will have to pay a higher salary in line with increased hours but it’s still a cheaper option than a nanny.

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