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About Rainbow Au Pairs

Rainbow Au Pairs is an agency, not a self serve internet portal. That means we individually research and verify potential Au Pairs to be placed with the families we represent.
The difference is crucial. Internet based services are essentially providing a portal to connect families and candidate Au Pairs. But the filtering, quality checks and candidate assessments are not undertaken, unless the families do it themselves. As an Au Pair Agency, Rainbow Au Pairs undertake this work for you, and maintains a panel of vetted candidates via trusted partner agencies we have collaborated for many years. We will also be starting to recruit direct applicants.

Fresh Ideas and an Efficient Service is at the heart of Rainbow Au Pairs

Rainbow Au Pairs is an established Au Pairs agency. We bring fresh ideas and methods, with one aim in mind: to provide an efficient service of providing dependable au pairs. In our view, the decision to host an Au Pair is an important one, not dissimilar to hiring an employee. In some ways it's more important, because unlike an employee, an au pair works and lives in the family  house. Our role is to ensure we match the right candidate to the right family.

Reasons to Use Rainbow Au Pairs

Our aim is to make finding an Au Pair as easy and fast as possible, yet ensuring the needs and preferences of both families and Au Pairs are respected. Every family has different needs, and it isn't always possible to find the perfect Au Pair overnight. But we are here to make the process as painless as possible.

  • Peace of Mind

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    Using an Au Pair agency is never a cast iron guarantee that every Au Pair is a perfect fit with every family. We are all human, after all. But Au Pair agencies operate differently from online portals. Rainbow Au Pairs undertakes a rigorous registration process to ensure Au Pairs are vetted for criminal records, and a detailed profile of candidates is established. Most importantly, we take the time to interview Au Pairs personally. We initially interview the candidate to get a feel for their personality and we are able to give you our impressions of the candidate when we sent a profile out. Our commitment to making a good match is highly prized by busy working families who do not have the time to do the initial research when looking for a match.

  • Personalised Service

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    Our whole ethos is born out of desire to offer a better, more effective Au Pair placement service. This sets as apart from impersonal internet based services, and any other agency which does not value the relationship of people.

  • Intelligent Matching

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    Getting the right Au Pair shouldn't be left to chance. Our processes have been established to help identify and match requirements, based on need, aptitude and personality of candidates.

  • Experience

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    We are a well established Au Pairs agency, working with over 30 partners across Europe. We know your frustrations and delights of working with good and less good agencies. We know what makes a good Au Pair, and we aim to provide the best service we can.

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Au Pair Agency - Designed From Experience
Like many businesses, Rainbow Au Pairs was created as a result of personal experiences. I  spent a number of years balancing a busy family life with running my own mortgage broking business which I still run. Au Pairs provided an essential bridge to my professional and family life. The best Au Pairs were not just of invaluable help, but became valued and trusted members of the family. But finding the right au pair was not always as easy as it should have been. Internet based agencies offered the prospect of a cheap service, but the experience was frustrating and the outcome was unreliable. Friends who had tried the odd Au Pair agency also found the experience less than easy nor satisfactory. While there are some good Au Pair agencies, I came across too many examples within my own circle of friends of deeply frustrating experiences, from endless searches for the right candidate, to suffering a series of short term placements of young girls who were totally unsuitable, out of their depth and didn't last a week!  After some time, I became convinced that the whole process of finding an au pair could be improved.  I decided to put into practice the best experiences of the au pairs I had been fortunate enough to have  found, combined with my own background of running an efficient and personal business. That was the beginnings of Rainbow Au Pairs. We are proud to have achieved a business which is highly valued by host families, au pairs and partners. Cynthia Cary, Founder of Rainbow Au Pairs

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