Rules for Au Pairs

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A few things to remember about the time you spend with families and their children.


Whilst you are regarded as a member of the family, please bear in mind that until they know you better, you’re still a stranger to them. So always listen to the parents’ wishes.

Don’t Snack

Never forget that your main responsibilities are for the child/children. It is an offence to smack a child, so never do this.


Never leave a child unattended especially in the bath. You must keep an eye on them in these circumstances as it only takes 2 inches of water to drown a child.


Please be practical, responsible and think before you do something.

Watch Out

Children, especially young ones are always putting things in their mouth. So if you see small objects lying around which can be a choking hazard, remove it immediately from the child.

Tidy your Room

Whilst your bedroom is your private space, children can often wander in as they are curious and perhaps want to spend more time with you!  So try and keep medicine and dangerous items out of their reach.


If you are taking them out for a walk or to the park, just be mindful of road etiquette. Cars drive on the LEFT side in the UK, so make sure you hold the child’s hand if they are walking or if you’re pushing a buggy, or pushchair, try not to walk too close to a parked car.


Quite a few children suffer from food allergies. Your host family would have informed you about this on your arrival but it’s always best to check with the family before giving the child snacks such as nuts or sweets.

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