Tips for Au Pairs: Settling In with your new Family

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Every family is different, so there is no single best way for settling into your new family. Some families themselves may not be used to having an Au Pair living with them, in which case they too could take time to get used to their guest.

Here are a few tips for settling in …

Be polite.

Take time to know the children - play with them, talk to them and laugh with them!

Its good to take initiative and make a full contribution to the household - so don't be afraid to empty bins and do your part in washing up after dinner.

Volunteer to take the children to the playground, although it may not be a good idea to do this in the first few days of your placement

Ask questions - families don't always know what you are thinking. If something is worrying you, talk to the family.

Offer to cook a meal - its a great way to help out and share something about your culture.

If you feel you would benefit from a written routine, ask the family for one. (e.g. a timetable).

Ask to join the family in some of their daily routines - going to school, the local shops or meeting friends

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