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@cvetkovska_mishela found her match super quickly. She will@be staying in London.
@rainbowaupairs @easy_abroad #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairprogrammeinuk

We are acutely aware that Brexit and the Covid19 virus are in the forethoughts of everyone. But in the madness of it all, we want to say we are a welcoming bunch of people in the UK and we are actively recruiting candidates who would like to spend their gap year abroad in the UK for 2020-2021. Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming an #aupair in the UK. We would@be happy to have a no obligation chat and our service for au pairs are free!

@rainbowaupairs #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairprogrammeinuk

@roseprincess7 matched in conjunction our regular partner to a great returning fam in South London
@rainbowaupairs @multikultur #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairprogrammeinuk

@magaprez matched in record time to a family in Chislehurst South London for 4.5 months! Match done in collaboration with @shaupairspain

@shaupairspain @rainbowaupairs @spanishaupairs #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairpgrammeinuk

@jul1an_02 matched to the first fam he interviewed. He will spend 6 months in sunny Brighton from July.
@rainbowaupairs @multikultur #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairpgrammeinuk

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