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Hello everyone . I hope you’re well and safe. As you all know I have been running @rainbowaupairs for the past 12 years. I have made 1500 matches and helped young people to fulfil their dream of coming to live in the UK 🇬🇧 and improve/practise their English. Can you imagine if you haven’t participated in the programme?
I have very rarely ask for anything in return but it’s now #payback time 😀.The #aupairprogrammeinuk is on its last knees. We need your help to keep it alive and in the forethoughts of politicians and government. Everyone is at home now so please sign our petition https://saveaupairs.uk and help us to keep the programme going in the UK. Thank you 🙏
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@leoniiie01 matched! Been a pleasure to find her a lovely returning fam in South London.
@rainbowaupairs @multikultur #aupair #aupairinlondon #germanaupairs #aupairprogrammeinuk

Huge congratulations to @anni7202 for finding her match in SW London.

@rainbowaupairs @multikultur #aupair #aupairinlondon #germanaupairs #aupairprogrammeinuk

@cvetkovska_mishela found her match super quickly. She will@be staying in London.
@rainbowaupairs @easy_abroad #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairprogrammeinuk

We are acutely aware that Brexit and the Covid19 virus are in the forethoughts of everyone. But in the madness of it all, we want to say we are a welcoming bunch of people in the UK and we are actively recruiting candidates who would like to spend their gap year abroad in the UK for 2020-2021. Please contact us if you’re interested in becoming an #aupair in the UK. We would@be happy to have a no obligation chat and our service for au pairs are free!

@rainbowaupairs #aupair #aupairinlondon #aupairprogrammeinuk

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