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We are so pleased for @lorieprevost . She has been matched to a great family in Guildford and will be looking forward to her au pair year in 🇬🇧.
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@sokalie matched to a host fam in West London in record time.
@rainbowaupairs @multikultur #germanaupairs #aupairinlondon

Another lovely confirmed in record time with a 10 time host fam near Portsmouth. @lilyuploaded was impressively enthusiastic and it was hard not to be bowled over by her excellent English and ambitions in life.
@rainbowaupairs @easy_abroad #aupairuk #aupairprogammeinuk

So happy to have confirmed @annaferrer_01 to a first time host fam in South London.
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What splendid photos sent in by @_hannah_03.01. She’s one of our superstar au pairs who stayed in the UK despite the pandemic to help her host family. Here is why she thinks we should #saveaupairs
In the UK.

The Au Pair Programme in the UK should be saved because it is a really defining experience for either, the au pair and the host family.
I’ve been an au pair in England for nine months now and I’m extremely happy that I made this decision.
For me it is a once in a lifetime experience which brought so many various advantages with it: I got to know the British culture and country by living with a British family and travelling through the UK, I improved my English to a higher standard which will help me in later life, I’m part of a second family and found some really good friends and I got more indepented and confident. Most importantly: I collected so many amazing memories and had an absolutely wonderful year in England which I will never forget.
I chose to be an au pair in England because it is not so far away from home like most of the other English-speaking countries and because I was always fascinated by the British culture and wanted to see more of Britain.
In my opinion it would be really sad and difficult when it would no longer be possible for au pairs to come to the UK because also many host families rely on an au pair and need it but it also is a great cultural exchange for them and the children benefit from this unique experience.
@rainbowaupairs @easy_abroad #saveaupairs @bapaa_aupair_association #selfless

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