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Our thanks to Emma for making the time and effort to write a blog for us. We hope you enjoy reading! šŸ˜Š

My name is Emma and I am 18 years old. I have been an au pair for three months now. The reason why I chose the Au pair programme for my gap year is simple: I wanted to spend some time abroad to get more experience and make some memories. London was always on of my favourite cities, but as much as I love London, itā€™s also very expensive to live there, so I needed a job. Working as an au pair seemed to be the best choice for me. I have always enjoyed working with children, so I thought being an au pair in a host family would combine important aspects: Earning money, having enough time and freedom to explore London and the UK, but also have somebody to talk to whenever you need is, who is not hundreds of kilometres away.
This is also why I decided to apply via an agency. @Rainbow Au Pairs and also my German agency, MultiKultur are doing such a great job by organising events or competitions, making sure we are in touch with other au pairs or just check in on how we are doing. Even if you donā€™t need their help, they are always happy to get a quick update which makes me feel safe (apart from that it is also nice for my parents to know that somebody will take care of me in case something goes wrong).
When I came here in August, I was super excited to start a new chapter of my life and to have some fun with some new people.
To be honest, the last few weeks have been far better than I expected!Ice skating with my host family, my evening at the XFactor and several movie nights with my friends who all live nearby are just a few of my highlights so far and I am sure thereā€™s a lot more to come!
Realising, that time doesnā€™t stand still at home just because you are not there. Homesickness is something, that we all have to get through, but I know, that I am never alone. I am so thankful that @rainbowaupairs gives me the opportunity to be here.
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The crazy gang who turned up . Check it out. special shout out to Anna! #rainbowaupairs #multikulur #easyabroad #servihogar #aupairlife #happyaupairs #bapaa_aupairs #coffeetimeā˜•ļø

The crazy gang who turned up . Check it out. special shout out to Anna! #rainbowaupairs #multikulur #easyabroad #servihogar #aupairlife #happyaupairs #bapaa_aupairs #coffeetimeā˜•ļø

Here is the latest blog from Annika who is an au pair in the UK and will be staying for 12 months.

  • Why did you choose the au pair programme?

I chose the au pair programme because I din’t really know what to study after school, I wanted a break from studying and I wanted to go abroad. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with children, so the programme just seemed perfect for me.

  • How long are you participating in the programme?

I am staying in England for 12 months.

  • Why did you choose an agency over applying over the internet (like Au Pair World)?

Going abroad with an agency just seemed safer to me. I have never been away from home for longer than two weeks, never really been outside of Germany in general and I had no idea what is important regarding documents and so on. I was also nervous about Brexit and wanted a support system for when the whole process starts.

  • How have you found the support offered by Rainbow Au Pairs and its partner in Germany?

It has been amazing! My agency in Germany (easy abroad) is very small, which is one of the reasons I chose it. I was almost overwhelmed by how fast the whole matching process has gone by, but Isabel and Cynthia were with me the whole time and I could ask them anything. Both of them have been very honest about what families expect from me, but also what I can expect from them.

We are still in contact and I feel like I am in good hands. My german agency regulary checks up on me and Cynthia organises monthly coffee mornings, where she takes the time to talk to everyone. She is also very keen on introducing people from similar areas to one another. I am beyond happy to have chosen those agencies!

  • How has the programme fulfil your objectives and expectations?

I have been in England for three months now and still thrilled. I live pretty close to London, but it still has a very calm feeling. My family is amazing, even if the kids and me don’t get along sometimes (but I didn’t expect it to be all sunshine all day long anyways, that’s just how humans work!). We usually are besties again after 10 minutes.

I am pretty surprised how easy it was for me to make friends. I consider myself a shy person, but you meet a lot of other young people who are in the same situation as you are and have an instant connection. Going to college has also helped!

  • What has been the most eye opening thing so far in UK?

A lot of things come to my mind, it’s hard to choose one!

People are generally nicer here than in Germany. Which doesn’t mean that Germans are rude or anything, it just seems like everyone wants to get to know you, even the chashier at the supermarket. Furthermore I had the time to think about what I want to study. And I learned how much you can miss real bread. And your family, but then the other au pairs can really help, because they are going through the exact same thing at the same time as you are.

And I am still freaked ot by all the squirrels, foxes and parakeets you see here.

  • What has been the most fun?

Exploring London after wanting to go there for such a long time. Still feels incredibly surreal.

  • Whatā€™s been the hardest thing for you?

ONe and a half months ago I was pretty homesick. I hadn’t actually realised that I was feeling that way until I talked to my mum about how I hadn’t been homesick yet. And then it felt like a big lump was forming in my throat. I cried a lot that night, but then I talked to the other au pairs and to my parents and it got better after a few days. I still would like to go home for a day or two, sleep in my own bed, hug my family and then come back here. But I think a lot of people feel that way.

  • How have the host fam integrated you?

It’s been really good. The kids more tahn the parents, to be honest, but that’s is why I am here anyways. When I come home on the weekends they usually run up to me, hug me and tell me what they have done all day. That felt really good the first time it happened and still does today.

  • Do you get to speak a lot of English?

Yes. my hostfamily doens’t know any german other than “yes”, “no” and “thank you”, so I speak 100% english at home. In college, however, the majority of the girls in my class are from Germany or Austria, so we do speak a lot of German during breaks. But it is really noce sometimes, to speak without thinking about vocabulary first.

  • In short would you recommend the programme and Rainbow Au Pairs to others?

Yes and yes. If you like kids and are interested in another country, go for it. And Rainbow Au Pairs has been amazing, I would gladly recommend them to anyone who wants to do this.

Please check out our latest blog from Lea who is in London as an au pair till July 19.Ā 

Becoming an Au pair was the best choice I could have made ā€“ but why did I choose the Au pairĀ programme?

I wanted to be an Au pair since a few years and at first I signed in at Au Pair World. But after sometime I realized that I donā€™t believe in finding a trustable and for me perfect family via the internet.

Furthermore I didnā€™t really know what aspects I have to look after to find a good host family and IĀ had no one I could have asked.

So ten months ago I decided to search for a competent agency that could tell me what I need forĀ becoming an Au pair and how to find the perfect family. With the help of the Au pair programme IĀ was guided finding a family. It was also helpful because at the same time I had to study for my finalĀ exams. So I didnā€™t even have the time to look for a good family all day.

The support they gave me ā€“ both Rainbow Au Pairs and its partner in Germany- was helpful and IĀ really felt to be safely guided and. Moreover, whenever I had questions or concerns they helped meĀ and I never felt left alone with important choices like choosing a family.

My expectations were absolutely fulfilled ā€“ I found a lovely family and I never felt lonely inĀ England because there were several meetings and trips with other Au pair arranged by the agency.

There is always a dialogue between the Au pair and the agency which is in my opinion veryĀ important.

Living abroad is always different than you have expected, because not till then you get to know theĀ country with all its ups and downs and the UK is no exception. I thinks the most eye opening thingĀ in the UK was to get to know the British daily life and itā€™s differences compared to Germany and itĀ is still very interesting for me discovering more distinctions.

But I discover not only the country itself, also getting in touch with new people (especially Au pairsĀ from different countries). And that was the most fun thing of being an Au pair so far ā€“ meeting newĀ people, venturing and discovering London and other parts of the UK.

But meeting new people was also the hardest thing at the beginning. All my friends were inĀ Germany and I had to find new friends, which I was afraid of. But after I took the first steps and gotĀ in touch with other Au pairs (via Facebook and the Language College), it became easy to makeĀ friends. It is also easy because the other Au pairs are in the same position ā€“ they also want to makeĀ new friends!

My host family integrated my very good! Within the first few week we often went on trips together,Ā I met their family and all of them were really friendly and lovely. They also helped me findingĀ friends by giving me tips and telling how the previous Au pair made it. But they also helped meĀ with simple things like finding a gym or a Language College.

As mentioned above I met a lot of people from all over the world and this causes that I speakĀ English a lot! Whether Iā€™m at home and have to talk to my host family or Iā€™m on a trip with friendsĀ from France or Spain ā€“ Iā€™m always speaking in English.

I think during the article my point of view became clear ā€“ I love being an Au pair in England and IĀ really would recommend Rainbow Au Pairs and itā€™s Au pair programme. I never had regrets so far

and Iā€™m very happy having chosen this agency.

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