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@lisazaengler matched to a returning host family in London for the new school year. Congratulations 🥳 and we look forward to having a superb year with her.
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In my opinion being an Aupair gives you a lot for your life. First of all you learn to live somewhere else where no one knows you. For me that was a very big step and I was worried I would be homesick. But I didn’t become homesick at all. Of course I do miss my family in Germany but because I’m in England there is only one hour of time shift and that makes it so easy to stay in contact with them. The experience of living in another family, like a real family member, is only given to you when you are an Aupair. It is so interesting how other people are living and how similar and also how different many things are. Of course to improve your English is always useful and often necessary for your future and to live with English speaking people is definitely the best way to do that. Spending time with children gives you very much. They think about things you probably would never think about and have such creative ideas and show you all their feelings. England was the best option for me to go for an Aupair, because it is in Europe so not very far away from Germany and I wanted to improve my English. I think that’s why England is a very popular place to go and we should try everything to keep that programme. I am taking a lot out of that stay here as an Aupair. Rainbow Aupairs made it possible to find that amazing family for me and I always felt in good hands.

I’m so happy I did Aupairing here in England and thankful for Rainbow Aupairs for their support. I definitely would recommend everyone to be an Aupair, because it gives you much more than just improving your language skills. I have a second home in London now and know I can always come back here. And what could be better than having a second family in a different country?

We are so very proud of @philined_1 who gallantly stayed to help her host fam during the pandemic to assist with their twin girls and her account of why the #Aupair programmes UK 🇬🇧 should remain.
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What splendid photos sent in by @_hannah_03.01. She’s one of our superstar au pairs who stayed in the UK despite the pandemic to help her host family. Here is why she thinks we should #saveaupairs
In the UK.

The Au Pair Programme in the UK should be saved because it is a really defining experience for either, the au pair and the host family.
I’ve been an au pair in England for nine months now and I’m extremely happy that I made this decision.
For me it is a once in a lifetime experience which brought so many various advantages with it: I got to know the British culture and country by living with a British family and travelling through the UK, I improved my English to a higher standard which will help me in later life, I’m part of a second family and found some really good friends and I got more indepented and confident. Most importantly: I collected so many amazing memories and had an absolutely wonderful year in England which I will never forget.
I chose to be an au pair in England because it is not so far away from home like most of the other English-speaking countries and because I was always fascinated by the British culture and wanted to see more of Britain.
In my opinion it would be really sad and difficult when it would no longer be possible for au pairs to come to the UK because also many host families rely on an au pair and need it but it also is a great cultural exchange for them and the children benefit from this unique experience.
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Hello everyone . I hope you’re well and safe. As you all know I have been running @rainbowaupairs for the past 12 years. I have made 1500 matches and helped young people to fulfil their dream of coming to live in the UK 🇬🇧 and improve/practise their English. Can you imagine if you haven’t participated in the programme?
I have very rarely ask for anything in return but it’s now #payback time 😀.The #aupairprogrammeinuk is on its last knees. We need your help to keep it alive and in the forethoughts of politicians and government. Everyone is at home now so please sign our petition https://saveaupairs.uk and help us to keep the programme going in the UK. Thank you 🙏
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Hi, my name is Sophie and I am 19 years old. The Au-Pair program was one of the best things that happened in my life. And it still is, because I’m really enjoying my time here in London. I would like to become a teacher later, so working as an Au-Pair is a great opportunity to check if the job as a teacher will fit me. Furthermore I wanted to spend some time abroad, meet new people and improve my English skills. I am lucky to have a friend of mine, Annika , with me. That makes everything a lot easier and funnier too. But don’t worry; it is easy to meet new people here. I really like the Au-Pair meetings and trips that Cynthia organizes (Harry Potter Studios, coffee mornings, …). She also makes sure that we keep in touch with other Au-Pairs and have the most amazing time over here. That’s also one reason why I decided to go abroad with an agency. I am more than happy with both of my agencies (easy abroad, Rainbow Au-Pairs), because they answer all my questions, found the perfect family for me and send regular e-mails to check how I’m settling in. Furthermore my family at home is more relaxed, because they know I’m in good hands. I’m so happy with my hostfamily and my hostkids. I really feel like a part of the family and they helped me settle in very quickly. I can ask them everything and they will help me. After 4 months now, it feels like a second home. Since I’m here I found a lot of new friends, explore London nearly every weekend and enjoy every single day here. Everyone gets homesick sometimes, but my friends and family help me with that. I know it is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

All in all I am feeling very happy to be back in London after Christmas and New Years Eve. I also attend a language school now, which started today. I’m having the best time over here. Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to be here which such a nice hostfamily!!

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