Au Pair Placements: FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions for Families

  • What are your Fees, Terms and Conditions of Service?

    Our fees depend on a few factors such as length of placement and whether driving skills are required. Please read our terms and conditions and current fees on our website.

  • How Long Does it Usually Take to Find an Au Pair?

    In most situations you will need to allow for at least two to four weeks. It is possible to find an au pair sooner, but the more time we have the better able we will be to match your needs.

  • Does my Au Pair Pay Tax and National Insurance?

    No in general. We advocate that an Au Pair is not classified as an employee, and as long as their remuneration is below the UK tax and National Insurance threshold, they are not liable to pay any UK Tax and National Insurance. However, this may change if au pairs are being paid National Minimum Wage thresholds appropriate to their age. Please contact us for more details.

  • What Household Tasks Can I Reasonably Ask My Au Pair To Do?

    The au pair should be able to undertake a range of light house work duties. During registration, candidates are asked to indicate which household tasks they are willing to undertake, and we make every effort to match their expectations of household duties with that of families. Examples of light housework include washing dishes, preparing simple meals for children, cleaning the kitchen, laundry and ironing, vacuuming, dusting, light shopping, emptying bins, walking and feeding pets. Its important to agree with the au pair which duties they are comfortable with.   

  • What are the Typical Terms and Costs of An Au Pair Placement?

    The general working hours of an au pair are six hours work a day or a maximum of 30 hrs a week. You can expect the au pair to babysit for two evenings a week but babysitting time needs to be included in the overall maximum hours of 30 a week. But you must allow free time for study, or to pursue other interests. The au pair must have their own room, which is their responsibility to keep tidy. Meals must be provided, and the typical weekly allowance star from £106 per week upwards. (from 10th Feb 2021, in order to attract more candidates to the programme, we will be asking our host families to pay a weekly allowance on par with National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage guidelines as set by the UK government. The family is entitled to offset minimal accommodation costs against the weekly allowance. Please contact us for more information.)

  • Do you Place Au Pairs in All Parts of the UK?

    No, Rainbow Au Pairs only matches Au Pairs in London and the South East of England.

  • What Do I Do If I Have a Problem with My Au Pair?

    Its important to give enough time to get to know your au pair in the initial period. If you have a problem, in the first instance it is better to talk to the au pair and try to come to an understanding. Of course, Rainbow Au Pairs is on hand to act as a point of contact for both au pairs and host families. If there are reasonable grounds, a replacement au pair or a refund will be organised, subject to our terms and conditions.

  • What Checks and Guarantees Do You Offer For the Au Pairs you Place?

    Rainbow runs a number of checks when au pairs newly register, including identity and criminal record checks, and references. We also obtain detailed information on the tasks they are prepared to carry out.

  • Do I Have to Offer Paid Holidays?

    As of September 2010, BAPAA recommends 28 days holiday per 12 month period, including Public Holidays. Weekly allowance will be paid during this time. The au pair should not be forced to take holiday to coincide with the family holiday. Holidays should be mutually agreed between host family an au pair.

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