The Way Rainbow Au Pairs Works

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Before a family registers with Rainbow Au Pairs, please consider a few facts about our agency. We would also suggest you spend a minute or two looking through some of the testimonials - its perhaps the quickest way to cut through to the heart of what you might expect from us.

We are not a body shop, and we may not be for everyone! Cynthia Cary, Founder of Rainbow Au Pairs
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Firstly, we are not a "body shop"! We do not process high volumes of candidates in a mechanistic production line. What we offer is a personalised, and tailored service which stresses the importance of understanding individual needs.

Secondly, while we are proud of our agency, we recognise not all families want the same thing from an Au Pair agency. We have our way of doing things - we think it works, but it might not be for you.

Here’s the Way we Work…

Pre - placement research is key

The time and effort we spend on pre-placement preparation is crucial for us. We take the time to talk to families to understand the type of candidate they want, who the family is, what sort of people they are, and their expectations of the ideal candidate.

Step 1- Once we have spoken to you and establish you are a potential host family, we will ask all families to fill out our registration form on our website. It is not the third degree, and we certainly do not want to collect any more information than is necessary. But it does take a little time, although we try to work with families to fit around their busy schedules.

Step 2- In addition, we will also ask you to supply some supporting documents such as a photo collage (photos of the family and the au pair's bedroom/ accommodation) and a dear au pair letter. The latter is a friendly, warm and engaging letter telling a prospective au pair a bit about your family, where you reside and key information such as language schools, your daily routine and your expectations. If you are currently hosting an au pair, we would like to see a reference from them. We have a template which your au pair can complete in a manner of minutes!

Step 3- Once we have everything, we will write a brief and circulate the brief to all our partners.

Step 4- We will then cross match the candidates we have and email them to you.

Finding the “right” Au Pair can take time

Finding the right Au Pair can take time, Sometimes days, on other occasions, weeks. We try to give a realistic estimate of how long it will take when we know what sort of candidate you are looking for. For 2021, we anticipate lead times to be even longer due to very limited supply.

We aim to send just a few candidate profiles to each family

We would rather spend extra time finding the right Au Pair than simply drip feeding any list of candidates, even though that would undoubtedly be quicker and easier.

If we are doing our job right, we shouldn't need to send more than 2-4 profiled and fully vetted Au Pair candidates to families. We take the time to interview candidates, and we apply our intelligent matching tools to help pin point the best candidates we can find. In the end, it is our experience and judgement of family needs and the attributes of Au Pairs we are offering.

Review Au Pair Candidates Quickly

Lastly, when we do send through profiles of candidates, it is enormously helpful if families can review them quickly - 24 to 48 hours. We work in a time sensitive environment and often, candidates are circulated to other waiting families as well. If the candidates are good, there is every chance another family will snap them up! So it really pays to review their files as quickly as you can.

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