Working on the Au Pair Relationship

Making the Family Relationship Work With Your Au Pair

We find that most Au Pairs get along with their host families, but of course there will be occasions when misunderstandings can occur. The early weeks of a new placement can be the most difficult period for Au Pairs, particularly if they are younger, or it is the first time they are away from home.

If you have any problems you should first talk to your Au Pair. Be open and honest, although be cautious when you are reaching out.

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Of course, Rainbow Au Pairs is here to help, and if necessary, we will act as an intermediary. But in general, it is better to resolve any problems directly with your Au Pair.

Set out the basic “rules” of the house - what you expect, how you would like the relationship to work.
But get to know your Au Pair first, so that you get a feel for their personality.
Some Au Pairs will look to you for strong guidance on the tasks they are expected to do and may appreciate a timetable setting this out in detail.
Other Au Pairs will be confident, self starters - and may even be put off by working to a strict timetable.
Just take the time to talk and get to know your Au Pair. When they feel comfortable with your family, and feel valued, the relationship should take care of itself!

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