Types of Nanny

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Definition of a Nanny

A nanny is a person, male or female ( male nannies are affectionally known as mannies) who is trained in childcare, either formally or informally (practical experience) who is competent enough to take sole charge of children of any age, from newborn upwards.

A nanny often has a close working relationship nurturing her charges in the absence of the parents or support parents in raising your children together.

Nanny Categories

Nannies can work part or full time, live in or live out either in a shared –care role or sole charge of the children.

If you have a shared-care nanny, the parent should take the lead and give the nanny a certain amount of responsibility. For example, the nanny can take the children out for walks or to play at the park, dropping and picking up at school runs, liaising with school teachers regarding progress of the children. The parents are the lead educators in the children's life and the nanny facilitates this.

If you have a sole charge nanny, the nanny is responsible for the children whilst the parents are at work. Nannies in sole charge can have more responsibilities such as running errands, cooking meals and cleaning up after meal times and be very involved in the children's day to day activities. Nannies would often supervise and drive the children to various after school activities.

Nannies are employees and can work on a part time of full time basis. Nanny shares ( where 2 families share 1 nanny) is also a very popular choice to save on childcare costs.

Nannies can live in or live out. The latter is more common as not many employers have the right accommodation for a nanny. A nanny ideally should be given a bedroom and sometimes may have a separate entrance to the family home depending on how large the family home is.

Duties of a Nanny
A nanny’s duties is predominantly childcare related. For very young children, a nanny can be responsible for all aspects of care of an infant, from changing nappies to making baby food, bathing and keeping infant clean. For toddlers , a nanny may be asked to assist with potty training, taking the child to playgroups, mother and toddler groups or being dropped off at nursery. For older children a nanny may be asked to do the school runs, make packed lunches, ironing for the children, supervise homework and keeping their rooms clean.

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