Why Choose to be an Au Pair in the UK?

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The UK is a great location for an Au Pair. It is fun, multicultural, vibrant, and very open to receiving new cultures. Apart from the famous landmarks in London, it has a varied and beautiful countryside. So whether you prefer city life or a semi rural location, there are plenty of locations to choose from. Kent, Surrey and Sussex counties have some wonderful towns and villages, as well as excellent transport links to London. Depending on where you are placed in Sussex and Kent, London is only 35 minutes away. Rainbow Au Pairs specialises in placing Au Pairs in London but also covers Kent, Surrey and Sussex counties.


As an Au Pair, you only work a set number of hours per week, which means you are likely to have a lot of free time on your hands.

Most au pairs will take this opportunity to explore the country by initially taking day trips to surrounding towns/cities to get a feel of the culture and people living around them.

The UK has a huge amount to offer in terms of language schools/courses, unlimited places to explore, good travelling infrastructure ( trains/buses/airports) and a good standard of living.
British people are generally warm and friendly and understand the reasons for an au pair wanting to improve their language skills. Most families are 2 parent working families, so life is busy but balanced with family/work life.
For those Au Pairs lucky enough to have friends/families/acquaintances in this country, this is a great opportunity to meet up, socialise and do things together. Most Au Pairs will have a small network of friends to begin with but this increases the longer they are here. Rainbow will also put new Au Pairs in touch with others placed in the area.

Many Au Pairs fully utilise their free time by doing sports, cycling, reading, meeting friends, going out, socialising together, going on day trips whilst improving theirr English all the time.

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